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Mid Day Meal in Lake Balaton area?...

On our final day of a 3 week adventure, we will be driving from Ljubljana to Budapest to return our rental car late afternoon. Looking at a mid-day stop and a bite to eat in the Lake Balaton area. Any recommendations for a convenient stop (on way to BUD) with a view/scenery and good food?

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I'm sort of partial to Tihany. Plenty of places to eat inside an out in good weather. Great old Abbey sitting on ancient foundations. Lots of craft and artisan shops, great views of the lake. And you can get to take the Tihany / Szántód ferry.

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What time of the year and what day of the week will you be making that drive? I've just come from three nights spent in Balatonfured, which I used as a base for visiting a bunch of towns on and near the lake. I intentionally chose to avoid the weekend, arriving late afternoon on Sunday. The area was pretty dead. I had a good meal Sunday night but wasn't about to return to that restaurant, which had unilaterally imposed dynamic currency conversion on me and didn't resolve the problem quickly.

After excluding that spot, I couldn't find a decent restaurant open in Balatonfured on either Monday or Tuesday night. I didn't look for food in Tihany.

Unless your visit falls during mid-summer or on a good-weather weekend, I'd suggest some internet research ahead of time to identify a few possibilities that are expected to be open. The food in Hungary is too good to settle for food-as-fuel.

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First, thank you for the replies. This would be for a drive on a Friday early this June. Tihany sounds great (although it adds an hour to the trip to BUD). So far, based on the 2 replies, I'd try to make Tihany work, and would love if I had 1 or 2 specific recommendations for there. Otherwise, I'll start scouring the internet for a good recommendation.

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Siofok, on the eastern side of the Balaton is more directly on your (auto) route. It's a decent sized town, should be someplace reasonable. I agree with the others, Balatonfured and Tihany are more scenic (although from Siofolk you sort of look back at them!). Anyway, IF you find end up in Siofok and find a place - please advise I believe I will be stopping there on my trip from BP to Ljubljana in August. I could use the advice!

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Go to Csopak, to Marga bistro. It's on the hillside,as part of a winery, with amazing views over the lake, and they have excellent food!! The best is to book a table, their website has all the information.