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Meeting points at Budapest airport

My wife is arriving on Lot Poilsh from Chicago (International side?) in the morning I will be arriving from Dublin (Schengen side?) on Aer Lingus an hour later. After landing, is it possible for us to meet inside security before going out to passport control/customs/baggage? Or should we just meet outside after completing these procedures? Could you please recommend a safe meeting point? This is our first time to Budapest, and she is not a major traveler.

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You can meet in baggage, but if it were me, and I've done this a few times, tell them to follow the black line on the floor that says taxi. Meet them along that line in the arrivals hall. The baggage area is less crowded than the arrivals hall, but it's pretty large. this puts you both on one line

As far as safe ..... it's all safe.

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Thank you, James. One point I forgot to mention was that our son is arriving from Madrid at 11:45. We may go ahead and go to the hotel and let him take a second taxi, but in case we are running late, we could wait somewhere and go to the hotel together. Hence the need to keep a common meeting point.
I have Priority Pass Lounge access, but all the lounges in Budapest appear to be airside, not in the arrivals area. Relatively common.
Thanks again.