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Marriott Budapest

I know there a many reviews regarding hotels in Budapest. I am looking for input regarding Marriott Budapest. Which room would be better River View. or Buda Castle, River View. lastly do you think this is a good location for sightseeing? We will be there for 2.5 days. Thank you

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We just stayed at the Marriott from May 19th to May 21st and the hotel is just what you would expect from a Marriott. The location is convenient to both Buda and Pest sights, public transportation, and the view of the Buda Castle stunning at night which we felt it was worth the small extra rate charged. This is not the type of hotel we normally stay in when traveling in Europe but friends wanted to stay there and it worked out well but I will say I would not stay there if I were staying in Budapest for more than a couple of nights.

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Thank you so much for the input. Typically when in Europe or any other place for that matter we tend to try and rent either a AirBnB or VRBO. However that being said we are Marriott members and I am always happy with the stay. My concern with Budapest is location. We will be doing all foot trail (or local trans) and wanted to make sure we could get to the major sights. I was also considering the Corinthia as it looks great, but does not seem to be as convenient as the Marriott. I am thinking I will book Marriott as looking at the Buda Castle seems lovely. Can you tell me the difference between Pest & Buda sides. This confuses me a bit. Thank you.

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Normally I say stay elsewehre, except for short trips when the Marriott or the Intercontinental make good sense. So, yes the Marriott is fine. As far as the view, if the price is a lot higher for the Castle Hill view, know that you can sit at the cafe outside and stare at the Castle all night for free .... and it is beautiful.

Right out in front of the hotel is the 2 Tram that runs the Pest River Front. All the tram rides are scenic tours, but the National Geographic listed the tram as one of the 10 most scenic tram rides in the world. The 2 Tram with a connection to the 4/6 Tram at one end and the 47/49 Tram at the other end; and a jaunt up Andrassy on the M1 Metro line will get you to everythng in Budapest that you will have time for. The M1 Metro is the oldest metro line on the continent of Europe and even with relatiely new carriages (maybe 30 years old now) it is more of an amusement park ride than a city metro.

If you just wanted to the Top 10 of Budaepst its a four day trip; but you can get to most of it in 2.5 days if you keep moving.

Differnece between Pest and Buda? Similar to the difference between Dallas and Ft. Worth. They were two cities at one time, and they still have very unique personalities. The basics of Buda (Castle Hill) can be done in less than 4 hours if you just do the outsides, Pest takes many, many days ....