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March Weather in Budapest


We are going to be in Budapest the last week of March and are curious, generally speaking, what type of weather to expect? I know it's impossible to predict, just hoping to get a sense so we know how to pack (each of us is planning on just a single carryon backpack).


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See Wikipedia for average highs, lows and precipitation month by month.

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I will be there March 12 for four nights. I'm bringing a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf as I know it will be pretty cold. I just hope the sun is out during the day so it's not so miserable (lol).

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I was there in November and December and will be back in two weeks through the end of March or maybe early April.

Yes, it's very "cool" LOL and I generally wear light weight LongJohn bottoms; that a decent sweater and a light weight down jacket are generally enough ... oh. I am amazed how well a scarf works, huge difference.

But to be honest, from breakfast to bed time most often it's between 45 and 55F and that's not frigid.

What really makes you warm is realizing everyone in town is going on with life without comment on the temperature. Just blend in and be like a local and sit in an outside Cafe and enjoy.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
We have been in Budapest for spring several times, mainly for the Spring music festival. Take a good wind breaker (top coat) and a coat for underneath, scarf, and gloves. I live in WI, and the weather is about the same as here. high of maybe 55 and lows of maybe 25. Most likely in between those.

wayne iNWI

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Thanks all for the replies! I appreciate the firsthand experiences as they are a lot more helpful than just looking at historical averages online!

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It now being the last week of March I can say it's almost warm outside. We have some 70F days coming. Last March this time I about froze my nuggies off.

EDIT: Nope, I'm wrong. Got chilly and wet this morning and they revised the forecast. Now the prediction next week is high temps between 46 and 66 and low temps between 32 and 46.

EDIT: Still wrong. Depends where in Budapest. In the center of Pest the reported temperature will pretty much be your experience. In the Buda Castle district count on it being a little cooler and increased wind chill issues. Along the river bank the temperature may be as advertised, but when a front comes through like this morning thr river is a wind tunnel and the windchill can be very significant. So, where you stay might matter a little.