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Many Thanks!!

We have returned from our holiday in Budapest and I really want to say what a Awesome city!! We loved it!!
I honestly think we had such a great time thanks to all the priceless advice given to me. Huge thanks to Julie and James!! :D
I followed your advice and saw all the top must sees and really enjoyed the extras. Like the great places to eat, every suggestion was fantastic. Reserving was so important to know. Thx! We stayed the 5 days in the city. Too great to spend time on a day trip, next time ;) And yes James, we loved your wine bar. :) The people were so warm and welcoming.
Best moment,walking back from the fireworks down on the Danube and getting a special treat when we came to the Opera ,after midnite on NYE. There were singers on the balcony singing so beautifully. After... a nice firework show. It was surreal!
Budapest is incredible, I can't wait to go back. My family adored it. The Hungarians were so kind . But honestly, what made it for me...was being prepared, getting really great advice, it just let us enjoy the extra special moments to be had in Budapest.
So for that, I am forever grateful !! Will not forget you , James and Julie. One day, I would love to share a bottle of wine, on me with both of you. ;D Thanks!! Julie

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Hey Julie, you lived in Raleigh, small world. We hope to retire overseas one day. Such a different life.
I thought of you when we went and saw the Vysehrad Slavin Cemetery. I really hope you have seen it. It is truly my new favorite cemetery.Amazing! I feel you would love it. We did go visit the Budapest cemetery. Lovely. Going at dusk was maybe not the best idea, haha but we were glad we did. Oh and Vienna, nice but I would take Budapest or Paris ;)

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Julie, I kept expecting to hear you knocking on the door. I am so very happy you enjoyed it. Like Worldinbetween said, everyone is different and you never really know. I am so happy that we share the appreciation of this place.

Worldinbetween, on this last trip it sort of cinched it for me. We will be retiring there. Hope to have you as a neighbor.