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Man pads (Adult diapers)

Where does one look for a supply of pads in Hungary, Slovenia, Munich and/or Scotland? My husband is slowly healing from prostate surgery a year ago but needs the extra support during our travels.

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In Hungary, and most of Europe, Durg Stores sell drugs and grocery stores sell groceries; and nothing else. But there is a third store type that is like American pharmacies (Walgreens, etc) that sells everything else (but not the drugs or groceries). The Biggest name in Budapest is DM I think that woud be your best bet. Tell me where you are staying and I might be able to point you to the closest.

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This has been most helpful as far as knowing what and how much to pack. We're on the RS Eastern Europe in 15 Days Tour so won't know until they send us the final details.

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DM is in Germany as well. Bought hand lotion there in Hamburg and cough drops in Koln/Cologne. Otherwise it was dealing with pharmacies and translation issues.

For Scotland try Boots.