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Learning Metro system today What is best pass to purchase for travelling via metro in budapest

I am near Astoria station and remember I saved information on this subject from this forum - yet, surprise, i packed a different computer and did not bring my notes. ;)

James - I am hoping you can remind me of the site where I booked the dinner train ride. I want to confirm reservations.

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I think the 7 day travel card (hetjegy) for 4950 HUF is your best bet, buy more if there longer. There’s also a 24 and 72 hr card or single tickets. The 7 day must be purchased at a manned window and I know there’s one at Keleti—they put your name on the card. Works on all transit, just wave it at attendants or bus drivers, no need to validate. is the transit website for more info.

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Hi Jette:

I am in Budapest now and I purchased my 7 day transit card from the machine at the train station. I found this information helpful in regards to public transportation Budapest Public Transportation.


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The website says the next one is November 11

Arrival to Budapest-Nyugati railway station, registration, takeover of the boarding passes, welcome drink (Platform number 9)
Departure of the Candle-light Express. Starter and main course will be served on the way in the dining cars.
Music program in the bar car.
Arrival to Budapest Nyugati railway station – Farewell

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Tracy--was your hetjegy personalized with your name from the machine? I have had to either show my passport (purchased at airport booth) or just wrote out my name at the Keleti ticket office. Interesting to read that in early 2018 there'll be changes to a smartcard for passes instead of the paper tickets.

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yup, 2 years late, if then. sort of like the new M3 rolling stock which is 2 years late and only sort of new.

And that article confuses the already confusing ticket names which the OP has already fallen victim to.

And Christa, yes: Watch the video

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When I purchased it from the machine I had to add an id number. It gave me several choices such as ID card, passport etc. I used the numbers from my driver's license. I carry the license with me incase the numbers are checked against the pass. So far, other than flashing the pass at the metro, no one has looked closely at it or asked for my identification.

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This is good news, makes it much easier to get the various other passes, though my next trip has me arriving by plane so getting my hetjegy at the airport will be easiest.

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All - I love love love Budapest. My husband arrived and I will buy him a one week travel pass too. This pass has saved me - so glad you told me to buy the hungarian travel pass and not the budapest card. at my astoria station - it is only available for one week in the machine and that was easier to deal with.

Thank you James - November 11 is the dinner date that I booked, but they did not have me pay upfront which is odd so I hope I really have a reservation. ;)

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The metro service (BKK) has dozens of ticket types. The options and what they are called can be confusing. Note, there are no “passes”. This is copied (cut and paste) verbatim from the BKK English website ( ) I put the Hungarian names (from the Hungarian language website) in parenthesis

The most common used by tourist are:

TICKETS (jegyek): you must validate the tickets at the entrance to the metro stations or on the tram, trolley or bus.
Single ticket HUF 350
Single ticket bought on the spot HUF 450 (from a metro cop)
Block of 10 tickets HUF 3 000
Airport shuttle bus single ticket (100E) HUF 900

TRAVELCARD (Budapest ?? órás jegy; literally translated; “Budapest ?? hours ticket” but called “TRAVELCARD” on the English website): Gets you on any public transportation within the city limits. No validating. Just show the card if asked. A start date and time must be printed on the back.
Budapest 24-hour travelcard HUF 1 650
Budapest 24-hour group travelcard (for 1-5 passengers traveling together) HUF 3 300
Budapest 72-hour travelcard HUF 4,150
Budapest 7-day travelcard HUF 4 950 (this one requires that you carry a photo ID and that the number off the ID be printed on the back of the card. I use my Passport as Hungarian law requires that tourists carry their passports at all times)

BUDAPEST CARD (Budapest Kártya (?? órás)): This does the same as the TRAVELCARD but also includes discounts around town. If you do a lot of museums and something like the Zoo, its worth cost maybe, otherwise not.
Budapest Card for 24 hours HUF 5,500
Budapest Card for 48 hours HUF 8,500
Budapest Card for 72 hours HUF 10,900
Budapest Card for 96 hours HUF 14,500
Budapest Card for 120 hours HUF 17,500

All of these can be purchased from the vending machines Watch the video However, if there is a window open, why don't you try interacting with the locals. The fine for not complying is HUF 8,000 on the spot or HUF 16,000 at the metro office