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Someone familiar with budapest help!

I want to try some langos...
The market hall stalls seem always packed...
Can you suggest OTHER places in budapest to get good langos?


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I know that my reply is a bit late, but can somebody suggest great langos not sold at restaurants? I will re-visit Budapest in August and am looking forward to this awesome snack.

FYI, Langos Baro, which I visited last year, closed its door. :(


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In case this reply isn't too late yet, the usual recommendation is Retro Lángos at Arany János utca subway station. They also partnered with Zsiráf, a popular open-air entertainment venue next to Nyugati train station (Eiffel tér, the green area below street level).

Personally, I gave up on them after giving them 3 chances, all of which were subpar. But friends have been telling me I may just have been particularly unlucky, because they like it.

Nonetheless, most locals vouch for another one, the 'potato lángos' maker in the Flórián tér underpass. The lángos is delicious, more chewy than usual because of the mash used in the dough. But the location is a small downside, the underpass is dirty and smelly. Asking for takeaway and eating it in the nearby park with the Roman ruins improves the experience :) As it's a little out of the way, you can spend the day in District III. if you're already there. The nearby Vasarely Museum is great for modern art lovers, the Museum of Trade and Tourism is much more exciting than its name, and if you can time your meals right, you would be wise to visit Kéhli restaurant for a traditional Hungarian meal. In case you happen to appreciate Roman history, the Aquincum Museum is a brief suburban rail ride away and the underpass with the lángos place has a free exhibition of the soldiers' bathhouse that stood there. Nearby Nagyszombat utca has the ruins of a military amphiteatre.

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Maybe in one of these you can find a place a little closer to where you are staying...

But this would still be my first choice:

But to be honest, eat it once so you can say you did. Eat it twice if you are broke and its all you can afford.

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Wonderful suggestions! Thanks. Hope I try some more. It's a simple snack, but so delicious/addictive!

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Ouch...hope I don't need a cardiologist...not yet...I plan to do a detox and low-carb diet back in the US

BTW, I now see that foetelek is the same as langos.

Happy traveling and eating!