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Lake Balaton

I am looking for suggestions from travelers as to the best spots to spend a few days on Lake Balaton. Ideally, we'd also like to rent bikes and do a bit of riding on bike paths along the lake. Is it easy to rent bikes? Recommendations for picturesque towns and bike routes, typical restaurants, good starting-off points for a bike ride, etc. would all be greatly appreciated! Thanks, KateN.

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Thanks so much. I think that is an excellent tip and I appreciate the helpful links! I will enjoy finding out more.

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Sorry I couldn't be more help. I don’t give second hand advice, so know that this is just my impression, and not anything I have done first hand. We drive through Balatonfured on the way to Tihany and from that and from what I have heard, its probably where you want to be.
And a place to rent bikes. You might contact them for ideas.

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Balatonfured and Tihany are on the northern/western side of the lake. Its nearby terrain hilly. The water on that side of the lake is deeper as you enter it from the shore. In Balatonfured, the coast is grassy. The water cooler than the southern/eastern side.
Siofok on the eastern/southern side has warmer water because the slope from the shore is much more gradual. The terrain nearby is flatter. The coastline is sandy (not in all places). I mention this because we found the eastern/southern side more accommodating with kids. For bikers it would be easier.
I have not stayed in Tihany, although I have heard it to be very pleasant. Balatonfured is quieter than Siofok, Siofok more honky-tonk.

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Thanks for this info! It is always helpful to read others' experiences. I'm not sure how much lake swimming we'll be able to do in late May. I imagine it being quite cold still, the water, at least....

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I totally agree with the Balatonfured and Tihany. My family would stay in Siofok. There's a ferry that goes between Siofok and Tihany , so you could also take your rental bikes on the ferry.