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Keleti Train station- should we expect any difficulies?

We are planning to arrive by train to Budapest, Keleti station, from Szolnok, Hungary in late April. We will be stating our journey in Timosoara, Romania, but have to transfer in Szolnok. Does anyone know if we should expect difficulties either getting a train in Szolnok or at Keleti station? Thank you.

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I don't know the schedules as I am on a cell phone in a wonderful wine bar in Budapest called Kadarka. But if you Google "MAV" together with the word "Elvira" you will find a link to the Hungarian rail site. If the question has anything to do with migrant generated travel issues, there are none in Hungary. The Hungarians closed their borders to migrants that did not want to apply for asylum in Hungary last fall. In the last week I have gone to both main train stations and the surrounding areas and there is no signs of migrants what so ever.