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June and July Wine Events

There is an organization that puts on really first class wine tasting events with wineries from all of the country in attendance. One is 1 June, the other 27 July if anyone is interested.

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We had a blast at the Wine Festival in September. Anything Hungarian wine-related is going to be fantastic.
Do you have more info for the summer events?

If you can't attend an event, our favorite wine-tasting is at Faust Wine Cellar, in the basement of the Hilton Budapest. (not part of the Hilton). We've done this a few times and have enjoyed it each time.

Web site:

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Wine Lover Events

March: So next year:
June: Tickets in hand:
July: I went last year. Great evening:
September: Pretty fair chance I will make it:
November: Also, pretty fair chance I make it:

Buda Wine Festival

September: Budapest Wine Festival: Might make it:

Since we are on the subject:

The quintessential hungarian wine bar with 70% locals 30% tourists:
Local, a bit upscale wine bar with live music every night (but its a tad pricy for Budapest - still cheaper than the US:
Quirky place owned by Americans that does tastings on Wednesday's I believe (is that right Speedy and Guzi?):

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Thank you so much! I'll miss the events in September by a handful of days, but I'm bookmarking the site for future reference.

And I second Marlou.

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Mister É, last weekend we stumbled upon a wine festival in Liberty Square across from the American Embassy. Since I had hurt my leg, I returned to my hotel, but my husband had a great time. Locals noticed that he was sitting by himself so they invited him to join them and they made sure he had a great time all evening. There were many wine stands and food trucks so there was an option for everyone. Based on my husband's experience, I highly recommend a visit to a wine festival if one is happening.
P.S. For some reason, after a month of travel, I was craving a margarita at the end of our Guru walking tour that ended at the House of Parliment. My cravings were answered at Iguana Bar and Grill. I was surprised to find how packed the place was and how great their frozen margaritas were. As a Mexican-American, I have to admit that the smell of the Mexican food overtook me and I ended up ordering a chimichaga and loved every bite. Who would have known that Budapest has a lot of Mexican restaurants and bar!!