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Thanks to you and everyone else who’s posting these “travel” opportunities.

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Thank you for posting this. One of my biggest disappointments when canceling my long trip this year was to miss out on my first trip to Budapest. I've booked this tour on the 14th.

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I'm still holding out for late summer or early fall

But, until then I'm going try this out. Ufkab, I'd love to host one . . if I were there. I'd start at my apt. and introduce some of my neighbors ... then walk across the street for for coffee and introduce the mom and pop owners and have a talk with them about Budapest ... then a few feet further up the street to visit the synagogue and listen about Jewish life from the Rabbi ... ending at my favorite wine bar and another talk with the owner and staff. All that is within 300 feet on one street. Traveling for me is about the people. Most might find it boring.