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Itinerary Suggestions


I along with my husband are travelling to Budapest in June and have to be there on 20 June and 28 June. In between we have a 5-6 days to travel to other places.

Should we look at travelling to only Croatia or Bratislava-Vienna- Prague

Or if any other suggestions for cities.

Looking forward for your suggestions.


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How many total nights will you be able to spend? Budapest itself has a lot of attractions, and there are many other interesting destinations in Hungary.

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Not understanding if you have other time in Budapest before and after these dates, but if not, I agree with acraven, stay in Budapest, there is plenty to see, with perhaps a trip to a couple of other Hungarian sites (out to the Great Plains for a horsemanship show? To Pecs or Gyor?) — your time will go fast and Hungary is so fascinating with so much to offer.

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Get an apartment, get comfortable and do something like this.

Arrive 20 June (Pest)
21 June Budapest (River Front, District V Pest)
22 June Morning Esztergom, Afternoon Szentendre ... boat back to Budapest (Pest Bathhouse)
23 Budapest (Jewish Pest)
24 June Train to Eger
25 June Eger
26 June Morning Train to Budapest (District VI Pest)
27 June Budapest (Buda)
28 Depart

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Thank you for your suggestions.

I understand that Hungary has lots to offer will definitely look at the suggested places for itinerary.

I was just being greedy for other destinations as I will be travelling from India and making a trip again to this part of Europe might not be feasible in future.

Just to clarify regarding the dates I have to be in Budapest on 20 June and 28 June to attend event. So was planning to spend 20-22 June in Budapest and come back to Budapest on 28 morning (as the event is in evening) and leave back home on 29.

However thank you so much for suggested these places.

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Then, I suggest you go to Google Flights. Choose One Way, Budapest as the Departure City and Europe as destination. Then select Non-Stop. Insert the date you will want to leave Budapest and you will get every possible destination. I put in $125 as max price. The options within a 1:15 flight from Budapest is pretty amazing and most for under $100 if you travel light. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia, Ukraine, Czech Rep. all accessible. The discount airlines dont make the same run every day so try the next day too and be a bit flexible.