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Itinerary advice

Going to Germany for Oktoberfest next fall thinking of starting out in Budapest and ending in Munich, we only have 14 days, what do you think?
1. Depart from home
2. Budapest

3. Budapest
4. Train to Vienna
5. Vienna
6 Train to Salzburg
7. Salzburg
8. Train to Regansburg
9. Regansburg
10. Train to Munich
11. Munich
12 Munich (day trip to Freising)
13. Munich
14. Flight home
Would like to see Regansburg and Freising so thinking of arriving in Munich early, renting a car and seeing sites from there.

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Sue the itinerary looks good so far. You will truly enjoy Regensberg Germany. It's a beautiful town. Did you also consider starting your trip from Prague instead of Budapest?

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Moving very, very fast...not everyone's favorite way to go. You will only have one day in most of the places you're going. You sure you want to keep up that pace?

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I think you are trying to see too many different places, given that three of them are major cities that take time. You will have one reasonably non-jetlagged day in Budapest and one day and a few hours in Vienna. Those are seriously inadequate time allowances. I'd drop either Budapest or Vienna. Geography argues for dropping Budapest. Personally, I'd also drop Regensburg, but I'm the sort of traveler who thinks Budapest and Vienna are one-week cities rather than one-day cities.

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you are arriving in Budapest jetlagged, having one full day, then leaving? Save Budapest for another trip.

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Moving that much uses up too my time in travel and is expensive. You arrive on Day 2, jetlagged as James notes. You leave on Day 14. That gives you a total of 11 full days on the ground in Europe. You are planning to use 4 half-days to change locations, leaving you only 7 full days of sightseeing out of a 2 week trip. It sounds like you are trying to follow the route of a guided tour - but without the door-to-door service or guides to take you around and skip the lines.

Is this instead of last month's plan to visit Italy?

Less is more. If you go to fewer places, you'll have time to enjoy them.

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I'd eliminate Salzburg and Regensburg. Vienna is a 3 day city. If you want Salzburg, do a day trip from Vienna.

But don't take our word. Get a RS guide for Munich, Vienna, and Budapest. Put down on list what you want to do in each. Generally you can do one activity in the morning, one in the afternoon. List them and put them on your schedule.

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On the other hand, I had a friend many years ago that took a trip at your pace. He still says it was the best trip if his life. So, who knows ...