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Is there a Budapest Christmas Market this year? Yes or No?

I have read the Christmas Market in Budapest has been cancelled Newspaper. I had plans and train tickets to go from Vienna to Budapest and spend the night. When I read the article, I tried to cancel my train tickets (could not), My tickets to tour Parliament (could not) and my hotel. The Hotel, Intercontinental responded "Let me kindly inform you that there will be Christmas Market in Budapest this year too, however another company will organize it than previous years. "

So, will there be a Christmas Market? I cannot find any further information regarding this.

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With the Chain Bridge "out of order" due to repairs, the Intercontinental Hotel would no longer be a fascination for me - I'd stay away from the river and save some coin.

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1/ My friend in town said they new group was still trying to put one together at Vorosmarty ter; I can not imagine there being nothing; its just the organization that had been doing it for 20 years lost the rights.
2/ Then there is a second one, smaller, but in some ways prettier at the Basilica that was not addressed in the article, but it is also in District V and since the issue was political and involved the District V administration I have no idea if it is affected or not.
3/ Then there is a 3rd in Obuda which is much more for locals, making it sort of special; Obuda not being in District V, I would suspect it will not be affected.
4/ As for the Chain Bridge, it will be open to cars in December and pedestrians in early 2023; maybe the lights will be back on by the first of December
5/ While the bridge is beautiful the rest of the view is also excellent and I am not sure you would give up this view because of the lack of the bridge:
6/ It is the one time of year that staying on the river makes great sense (the river, the markets and the Vaci utca all dressed up for the holidays)

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1/ Okay, I found an update and its not bad.
2/ The group that does the Basilica Christmas Market is taking over the Vorosmarty ter market and if they do as good a job at Vorosmarty as they have at the Basilica it will be good.
3/ Here is the official site, keep watching and maybe they update it (not much there now)

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Thanks, Mumbling for the information. We will be there four nights, but we enjoy Budapest, Markets or not. Thanks, James, for your information I am sure the Christmas Markets will be just fine.

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Emphatically YES

The Vörösmarty Square is the best market for shopping with a wide variety of local crafts from very cheap to looks-too-expensive-to-even-ask-how-much. The Basilica market is better for food, not as good for shopping. I went to both on Friday with an RS couple from Oklahoma and we all enjoyed them. At the Basilica we shared a steaming hot chimney cake (plenty for the 3 of us) with coke, hot chocolate and mulled wine (one each). Yesterday I went to the market at Obuda, very low key with old-fashioned carousel and train for the little ones and an ice skating rink for all. Again there is plenty of food to choose from, not much in the way of crafts, though. From there I went to Szentendre, more food and crafts and a free Christmas Museum, that was worth the train trip. When you walk in you can take photos sitting with Santa (who really looks like he could be Santa) and a lot of visitors took advantage. There are many vintage tree ornaments and other decorations crammed into two small rooms and another larger room more crammed with new ones for sale. Most of them are beautiful and very very tempting. I got back after dark and went to see the Pest markets after dark.

The buildings on Fashion Street were all lit up, mostly in white, and just lovely. Right next to it is Vörösmarty Square also nicely illuminated but very crowded, maybe it's the weekend. Then it's a short walk to the Basilica even more crowded and lit up. At 5.30 there was a 10-minute sound and light show projected on the facade of the church - lovely.

I'm about to go to the Gozsdu market. Will report on that if it's worthwhile.

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Hi Chani and James E…… we are home now. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with you both. Loved that wine bar!

Enjoyed walking around thru those markets with Chani. Oh my that chimney cake was great for all three of us!!



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Ooo, was there much of a Christmas market in Szentendre? I visited a regular Saturday market back in Oct 2018, and really liked it. Would love to go back if our plans for Dec 2023 come to fruition.