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Is Apple Pay widley used in Budapest

I was wondering if Apple Pay is used in Budapest. I am thinking of not getting any Hungarian Forint cash and just using Apple Pay.

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I was there May 2019. I was able to use a credit card in all the restaurants I went to. I did not try Apple Pay. Didn’t do much shopping so can’t help with that. Ticket machines for the tram and busses took credit cards too. If you get a transit pass do keep it on you as they definitely check.

I had some cash on me as back up and really didn’t need it. Used up much of it for the taxi ride to the airport and getting breakfast there.

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We were just there and I didn't see Apple Pay as an option at all.

We got $100 of currency from an ATM--it came in handy. Change bureaus are everywhere if you are concerned about unused cash. Some restuarants didn't take cards. Only cash.

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I dont even understand apple pay, but I see a lot of people "tapping" their cell phone to pay.
I dont know why you wouldn't get forints? Backup cash is just sort of wise and I rarely walk around without 10 or 15 thousand in my pocket (roughly $30 to $40). Sometimes its just easier to hand a bill and smile. But generally i would say 95%+ of any place you as a tourist will come into contact with will take your credit card and 99%+ of those are tap card machines.

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I use Apple Pay in Ireland and it worked out great. I kept my credit card in my money belt and never had to take it out.

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Yes, ApplePay is accepted in Hungary. On our most recent visit (Sept 2022 ) I paid with my phone or watch on occasion.
Tap-to-pay is the standard method of card payment at virtually all vendors.

I second the recommendation to having some cash with you. Simply find a bank-owned ATM and 0 in HUF. get $10