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Immunizations for Hungary

I just read in Let's Go Europe 2010 that Recommended shots are: up to date DTaP, Hep A, Hep B, MMR, Polio booster,and Typhoid. I haven't seen this in any other guidebook. Does anyone know if this still applies? Does it still apply if I am going only to Budapest? If it does, I need to start preparing now.... It also says to bring your own toilet paper and only drink bottled water. True? Thanks for your help. You guys are GREAT!

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I would not recommend taking health advice from a 5-year-old guidebook (or from web forums).

If you go to the CDC website, you can enter the name of the country, and it will identify the vaccinations and it will also give you information on food and water safety.

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The shots seem in line with my memory of ghe CDC recommendations, but double check on their website. Plenty of pretty good European grade toilet paper here. That is just a nutty 20 year old concept. People do drink the water here ln a regular basis. I avoid tap water if possible and convenient when traveling for my own peace of mind more than from any real threat.

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No issues with the tap water for over a week in Budapest and Szentendre.
If you have had the standard immunizations in the past here in US you are fine.

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And carrying a pack of tissues is always a good idea -- even in your own home town a toilet stall can be out of paper!

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Thanks ALL! I'm sure I had these shots when I was a child....this book is outdated, and I don't have another Let's Go book...and it's not mentioned in any other book that I have seen-same with water/TP issue. Thanks again!