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I Need Advice in Budapest

Yes, me. My usual accommodations are booked for the foreseeable future. The other accommodations handled by the same company are also booked for the foreseeable future (same reason).

Once in the past I stayed at the Ambra Hotel because it was near the AirBnb (and a block from Kadarka) and I just needed it for one night before the Airbnb became available, but my two weeks in Budapest will cost $1000 there. Sort of over my budget.

In the past a number of people have come here and asked about this and that AirBnb and I am hoping one or two had good experiences with one in the $45 to $65 a night range? Or I could just go searching on the AirBnb website, but was sort of hoping someone would write and say "I stayed here and it was great!".

Only other requirement other that price is being less than a 10 minute walk of Kadarka Wine Bar. Hey, maybe they have a back room I can crash in? Would save a lot of walking.

I will answer in PMs so dont think I am ignoring the responses.

It will be a 23 day trip, but either before, or in the middle or at the end, I am spending a week in either Slovakia, Romania or Bosnia to do some fly fishing. Still trying to figure out which will be most efficient to get to and back from. Done all 3 in the past and all good.

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James, you?! jk. first off, thank you for the tremendous advice shared here. I flew back from Budapest this week and had a blast there. fell in love with the city and will go back.

sorry I don't have an Airbnb suggestion. you probably don't care for hostels... the one suggested by Lissie is far but its sister hostel (Maverick CITY Lodge) might be an option. its 6 minutes from Kadarka - the rooms look polished/new and claim to be sound proof. its $50 on booking.

P.S. I myself stayed at the Wombat hostel (closest to Kardaka, don't recommend) and Pal's Hostel (recommend! they have awesome rooms in the old buildings all around St Stephens basilica square, but far for you ~15 min)

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A1) Shaun Kel, until last July I had never stayed at an AiBnb outside of Budapest; always hotels.
A2) On that trip I was with my daughter and trying to save some money so did AirBnb's in Croatia and wasnt impressed with any of them which is one of the reasons I am asking the question now.
A3) Happy you enjoyed my adopted home town, easy to fall in love with; but be careful you dont end up like me.

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Not AirBnb but in 2017, I stayed at AnVa House, 53 Kazinczy u. in a studio apartment. Back then I paid $117 for 2 nights at the end of September. I might have said it was great, but I stayed somewhere nicer the weekend before :-)

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Well, I got bored and did a short search on, not knowing your exact dates. I found a variety of apartments (many of them studio apartments) in the general area you want for $350-$380/week. I did a weekly search and then a 2 week search, using Saturdays at the beginning of July as an entry date. For some of them, it actually looked a little cheaper to book two one week rentals (even in the same unit) instead of one two week rental. So depending on your preferences, it is doable for location and price. But availability is down and prices are up, as you would know. I found one not terrible option for $550 for 2 weeks. I would stay in it. Ha! None will be as good as “home”. And, if your budget goes up, your options do also.

You could also take one of those two weeks and go relax somewhere cheaper (where you haven’t been recently).

Thought about going ahead and booking a free-cancellation back-up for fall, just in case, so you have a choice? While you are looking…..

Let me know if you want me to be your booking agent. 🤣

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We stayed at the beautiful and clean Netizen hostel at Blaha Luzja metro. It's a hostel, so you have access to a kitchen, but we had a private room+bath. While we were anyway, it was almost all young people, but I felt perfectly welcomed. Rooms were quiet. There's a bar in the common area, but it was under repair or something. Great wifi and common work areas.
I thought it was a fantastic location. It's a transportation hub - metro/tram/bus. Some people may not want to stay there due to a few people hanging around that metro who are down on their luck, but I felt it was perfectly safe for me and my daughter.

And yes, we walked to kardaka and enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar! Thanks JamesE.