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I finally made it to Kadarka!!

At long last the timing was finally right to hit James’ favorite and much-recommenced wine bar on Kiraly utca—and it’s everything I expected it to be; excellent wine, attentive service, cozy atmosphere and great food. I’m having a lovely Villany cabernet with cheesy scones, eggplant cream appetizer and boar tenderloin. I arrived this afternoon, cold & rainy but I made my usual pilgrimage out to see the storks on Margit sziget and then around 5 walked over from Oktogon to Nagymezo utca, right on Kiraly...hope I can find my way back after more wine 😬

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Christa, thanks so much for the Kadarka report! We will be there in a few months and plan to go there on our first evening. The Cabernet and food sounds wonderful. Glad you made the pilgrimage to see the storks again. Looking forward to more trip reports. Enjoy! Hope you found your way back. 😉

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James—I never doubted for a minute that it would be a great experience, you’ve yet to steer me wrong😉 This trip I focused more on seeking out wonderful food and I will write a report once home-2 more days in beloved Budapest.

I just read that Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame is here in Budapest right now, but honestly, I would much rather run into you!!

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So, I get out of the taxi from the airport at the corner of Kiraly utca and Vasvari Pal utca. My street is rather narrow and I didnt want the taxi to have to manuver it. Walking up Vasvari Pal utca I feel a finger in my back and I hear. "welcome home James". Its a waiter from Kadarka. I am greeted at the AirBnb by another old friend. I clean up a bit and head to Kadarka for a drink, to do this and eat. Already there is a table reserved for TEXAS. The owner and the waiters all come out and treat me like royality. My internet guru who lives in a small town a 3 hour bus ride away has already written to say she is on the way to Budapest. Tomorrow I see my dentist, the next day my cardiologist. Both will welcome me like family. Why do I love this place? Geeeee, no idea.