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A1) Just keep checking the site, eventually they get them updated.

A2) Option 2 is there are some organized tour groups that get tickets so you don't have to ... or there use to be at least; do some googling.

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I took the tour on Sunday. the June options looks open to me. I am able to see tours until June 12. some English ones are sold out. but the 4th for example is available. on my Sunday tour, I noticed that they opened up another English tour later that day (which wasn't listed when I booked mine).

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Shaun, Many thanks for your reply. Based on your information, I was able to book 3 tickets for June 4. Previously, I was not able to open any in June.
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Up to June 30th is now available...I'm still waiting for days in my week to be available. July 10 - July 15.