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How to watch the championship boxing match????

Ive been waiting for this fight for six years!!!! It will be on in the US friday night. I have to see it!!!! We are staying at the lancid19. Will it be shown in bars? It will be about 10-11:pm state time, so about 4-7:am sat morning Budapest.

I dont knkw hkw things work in europe for ppv shows in the us.

Dang it!!! Well be in Vienna, not Budapest. Sorry, im not sure what day it is anymore after 2 weeks going all over. Lol. Can a mod post this in the Austria forum?

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I'd suggest the Champions Sports Bar on the Ring Road. Don't know if it will be open that early. You can suck it up and miss it, or pay through the nose for online streaming.

BTW, it will be early Sunday morning, not Saturday.

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This is belated, as the "fight" already happened, but there is a gizmo called "sling box".

Unfortunately for this fight it was pay per view, so you would have to hook up with someone who paid for it, but the Slingbox allows you to watch your tv (or someone who has the gizmo) remotely on the laptop or other wifi devise.

Glad you did catch the fight...