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How to budget in Budapest

Good evening

My husband and I are debating a trip to Budapest in early Feb (yes, I know its cold but we prefer off season travel).

This will be our first trip to Hungary. Im having a hard time figuring out how much I should budget. When using the Euro, we tend to budget no more than 150€ a day......when converting it to the Hungarian currency, would that be plenty?

Mostly, Im trying to find out what a typical moderately priced dinner for 2 (with wine/beer) would cost.


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Are you familiar with Chilies Restaurants in the states. Well the same sort of place, but better food, is Vak Varju in Budapest. Typical Hungarian food, beer, wine, patronized by some tourists and a lot of Hungarians. About as middle of the road between tourist prices and off the beaten path local holes as you can get. Great barometer for prices.

Hungary in general will be 10 to 20% cheaper than Western Europe on average, but it all depends on the choices you make. You can live pretty dang well on 150 euro a day.

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We stayed at Paty's Place in Budapest that is managed by The price was right and the location couldn't be beat. Another friend stayed there last month and it was their favorite accommodations of their trip.
Budapest is very affordable versus other large European cities and you can easily stay there under $150 a day for two people.

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Thanks for the replies.

The festival looks really fun, Ill have to look further in to it.

We would prefer a hotel on this trip vs an apartment. We love renting apts but since we have never been to Hungary, we want to play it safe.

James, Im not a big chilis fan ;) We live in Northern VA so we have less chain restaurants. I should mention the 150€ equivalent is just for food/transportation/sites.....lodging is separate.

Thanks again

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It will be a real challenge to spend €150 on a given day, not including your room, unless you take a lot of taxi rides. I think you are wise to choose a hotel stay. I met a couple who had chosen an apartment and they lamented that they had wasted time and energy because they didn't have professional staff on hand to give them directions, suggestions and advice on their (first) visit.

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I was referring to where their cost were relative to higher and lower costs. sort of mid market. Vak Varju does have 3 locations now, but it's nothing like a chain. All 3 are unique and the food is good quality Hungarian. I always have trouble with the what does it cost question. There are 4 Michelin Star restaurants in town now that will take your 150 euro and then some for dinner; and I know some local dives off the beaten path that will cost about half that of an equivelent US place. The prices on the Vak Varju menu will be fairly typical if you stay out of Districts I and V and off Andrassy ut.