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How bad are mosquitoes and bugs along the Danube in late summer?

We are going to be in Budapest in late August. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a high or low level of mosquitoes along the river Danube?

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I would think that this will vary buy year...why not just buy bug repellant when you arrive?

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Mosquitoes tend to seek me out, and I have pretty (read: ugly) strong reactions to their bites. Just trying to stay ahead of the game.

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In 15 years i can not ever recall being bitten by a mosquito in Budapest. BUT, if you have reactions, purchase some of those single use packets and take them with you.

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My first visit there was late August and I do not recall any flying insect issues.

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I have family in the Vac area if Hungary. The biggest problem to me are the stinging nettle plants.
Have run across a few mosquitoes into the early evening.
I would just take a small spray bottle of repellent and you should be fine.

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I think in big cities it's not so bad. They don't like polluted air. But outside? My educated guess is that you will need repellent. Once I was in Fishamend - village on Danube east of Vienna and it was terrible.