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My tour company booked me Into the Novotel Canube. What can I expect. Will I have good access to the transit .

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You can expect rats the size of bobcats and corridors full of rare eastern European scorpions!!

Actually looks like a fairly nice 3.5 star hotel. I know they say 4, but that seems to be a bit of a stretch. But ive never been there so i could be wrong. The webpage talks about the stunning views across the river. Dont count on that from your window. The hotel and most of the rooms face a side street, what rooms that do face the river have the view blocked by trees. But again, i could be wrong. The view from the embankment about 200 feet from the front of the hotel is pretty stunning, especially at night. But there are few places to sit and while away the evening while taking in the view.

Buda isnt the best choice for a first visit. Its going to take a solid 30 minutes to reach anything you want to see. And only then if you use the underground (which is easy, cheap and convenient). If you want to stay above ground, maybe 45 minutes by tram or bus (again, easy and cheap).

On the Pest side, if you can get a place you will be closer to all the sights and places to sit, have a drink, enjoy a stunning view and while away the evening.!Ai7Zk-szxfTJgY8xTZnf8TTsqkstCA

Still, its a beautiful city so where ever you end up staying it will be great.

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Oh, and i guess i should say the hotel is located in a clean, safe location with good access to public transportation at Batthyány tér (about a 3 minute walk). Actually, as Buda locations go, its one of the better i think.

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Here are a few suggestions that are easy from your hotel

Walk the 3 minutes to Batthyány tér. There you will find an interesting church and a somewhat interesting old market hall. The restaurant next to it isn’t half bad.

In front of the square near the river you will find he entrance to the M2 metro line. A few stops to Deak Ferenc ter will get you very near the heart of everything in Pest. Unfortunately to get to the Pest embankment you will have to take about a 5 minute walk from metro stop. From Deak Ferenc ter you can take the 47/49 tram to the Dohany Synagogue and the Great Market Hall. The tram ride is part of the experience of Budapest so it’s a plus, not a mere form of transportation. You can also transfer to the M1 and take it up to Heros Square, the bath house, city park, the zoo. But be sure to walk back down Andrassy ut. It’s a 30 minute walk, but worth it for all the great architecture.

Another option is the grand tram tour. Again you start at Batthyány tér where you board the 19/41 tram and head north to Margaret Island Bridge where you board the 46 tram across the river. Stop half way and visit Margarit Island if you like. On the Pest side I suggest you walk down Falk Miska utca and visit the antique shops in the basements of the buildings. The road end at the Parliament where you can pick up the 2 Tram. The 2 is often noted as providing one of the most beautiful tram rides in the world. You stay on the 2 until you reach all the restaurants on the embankment and then get off for a while. Back behind the buildings with the restaurants is Vaci utca and Vorsomarty ter. Worth an hour so you can say you did. Then back on the tram until it stops under a bridge. Go upstairs and you will see the Great Market Hall.

After shopping look for the 47/49 tram to take you back across the river to the famous Gellert Hotel and bath house. At the Gellert you can board the 19/41 tram for the ride back up the river front to your hotel. Excellent day and the old yellow trams are a lot of fun.!Ai7Zk-szxfTJhaxCwViB2KL4JWISSA