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Hotel reservations

I will be driving around Hungary to the northeast of Budapest for a few days in about two weeks. Should I book my hotels in advance and therefore tied to a schedule, or will hotels be available at this time of year. Does anyone know if the rates are better booking on line or as a walk in? I saw someone wrote the Senator Hotel in Eger was about $30 a night but now it's $41- $45.

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The rates depend a lot on the season and with whom you book them. And rates can be better through the third parties. But if the third party doesn't show a vacancy then go to another or the hotel its self as sometimes the third parties are limited to just a few rooms. Tourism is up more than 10% vs the same period last year. The whole migrant thing hasn't affected it at al and may actually be helping as the situation does not exist in Hungary. Still, I suspect if you pick 2 or 3 hotels in each location you are bound to find one that has a room. But just a guess. Also check cancelation policies. Some are 24 hour so reservations still may provide the flexibility you require. Another hint, sometimes you get better cancelation terms through a third party like Better rates, better cancelation? Sounds like a deal! I try and not use them because their fees are so high. Would rather the hotel get the money.