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Hotel question

My teen and I are attending a multiple day event at the SYMA Event Centre, which appears to be close to the Keleti Rail Station. We aren't sure where to stay. If we don't stay near SYMA, then we will be using public transportation in the evening to go back to wherever we end up staying. My biggest concerns are safety. If we also want to see the tourist sights, are we better off staying near SYMA or staying in a different part of Budapest? Thanks in advance!

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I was in Budapest this past December and I felt safe. I was traveling by myself while in Budapest, visited family during the day.
My hotel (Radisson Blu Beke Hotel) was close to the other rail station, Nygati.
I would stay near the Event Center for your hotel. Sight seeing during the day is safe. Always watch your belongings just like anywhere else that you travel.

Using the Metro isn't hard, basically, you buy your tickets ( I bought a group of 10) and you MUST punch the ticket prior to entering the metro area. The tickets also work on the trams. On the trams, they have little punch boxes to validate your ticket.
Hold onto your ticket until you exit the metro. They have these "metro" police who are checking your ticket stub. My cousin who lives there says that the fine is very high if you get caught without your ticket and validation.

If you have some other questions, please PM (personal message) me.
Have a fun adventure!

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From the Radisson to your sports complex you would need to walk about 5 minutes to the 4/6 Tram stop at the Oktogon, figure another 6 minutes including wait time to reach the M2 stop at Blaha Lujza tér. Then another 6 minutes to the sports complex stop. Not ideal.

There isn't a single hotel between the SYMA and Keleti that I would be pleased to find my wife or daughter in. Get something closer to Deak Ferenc ter or Astoria so you can enjoy the beautiful city, and ride the metro line directly to the complex. For instance the M2 metro is right outside the front door of the Astoria Hotel and is direct to the sports complex. Someplace along the M1 would also be good, requiring one transfer at Deak Fernec, but efficient.

And don't mess with metro tickets, purchase a travel card. Cheaper in the long run and you don't have to fool with validating tickets, just show it if asked. You can purchase them at the vending machines at most stops. And the fine is 8,000 forint if you get caught.

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Thanks for your replies. After "walking around" using Google, we decided that we'd look for lodging somewhere else in the city.