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Hotel or Airbnb?

We are going to spend 3 nights in Budapest at the end of the RS Berlin-Prague-Vienna tour in September. Any recommendations regarding whether we should plan to stay in a hotel (another contributor mentioned the Residence Baron which looks really nice for a reasonable price) or go Airbnb? We are RS devotees and enjoy the family-run type of hotel but have enjoyed Airbnbs in a number of places.
Thanks in advance.

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I was the Residence Baron fan, and as a solo traveler I tend to appreciate the convenience and level of assistance at a hotel, especially if visiting that city for the first time and for just 3 nights. If I ever end up going with a companion I think an apartment would definitely be warranted, at this point I don't really need front desk help anymore.

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It really comes down to what you will be most comfortable with. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We do both from time to time. So, lets talk about not what, but where. Since you are only spending 3 nights you are going to miss about half the city anyway, so i think location is going to be pretty important. For a longer stay you can be a bit more flexible but for three nights you haven't got much time.

Day 1: Arrive from Vienna before noon. Half day of sight seeing (night 1)
Day 2: 3/4 day in Pest and 1/4 day in Buda (night 2)
Day 3: All day in Pest (night 3)
Day 4: Depart (my flight back to the states usually leaves at about 06:30)

So, if you were my relative or friend i would say:

For Hotels:

Marriott (big one on the river)
NOT the Sofitel. Nice hotel, clumsy location
Opera K&K
Casati Hotel
Hotel Moments
Any other hotel on Andrassy ut or within a 5 minute walk of Deak Ferenc ter
Amy other hotel within a 3 minute walk of the Opera Metro Stop or the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Metro Stop
Amy other hotel within a 3 minute walk of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Metro Stop

For Holiday Rental (AirBnb or similar) and there are some really nice ones.
Anything within a 5 minute walk of Deak Ferenc ter Anything within a
3 minute walk of the Opera House Metro Stop Anything within a 3 minute
walk of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Metro Stop

If you choose "Holiday Rental" or Hotel, if you will send me the name or the address possibly i can tell you about the location or the place its self.

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Thanks, James and Christa.
I appreciate the suggested itinerary, James, as well as the hotel recommendations. I will let you know what I decide! You definitely seem to be very well-acquainted with the city.

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Sharon, the suggest itinerary was to show you just how little time you really have. When you get closer, have picked a place to stay, and if you are still limited to 3 nights i'll help with a real itinerary so you can see the best and enjoy it at the same time.

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I know, James. Believe me, I realize that a scant 3 days is just an appetizer - but as Rick Steves always says "Assume you'll be back." So, we'll do what we comfortably can in the time we have and just plan to see more "next time". I really appreciate your offer of an itinerary; we will certainly be staying near the metro (one place I really like is just across from a famous old synagogue); at this point, I'm thinking Airbnb - I think we'll have had our fill of hotels by then - and am really looking forward to exploring this place. I'll get back to you closer to the time.

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I stay in a place across the street from an old synagogue!

Not being critical of the short stay, just means you will do better staying near the core of everything.