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Budapest Hotel (K & K or Gerloczy)

Hi everyone! I like both K and K Opera Hotel as well as Gerloczy Hotel. Need some help.

My main issue is air conditioning. I will be visiting 25-28 September. I have to have AC to sleep, but K and K says that they can't guarantee the AC will be working (depends on the temperature outside). The Gerloczy has still not answered about the AC after repeated emails.

Has anyone ever had issues at the end of Sept with the AC being turned off at either K and K or Gerloczy?

The other question is convenience to sites. Is one of these hotels better than the other?

Also, I have foot and knee pain so I want to make sure that the elevators are always working and usable. Also, want to make sure we can easily catch a taxi cab if we need to go somewhere which is too far to walk or where the tram doesn't take us. (So prefer them not to be located far in the middle of pedestrian only zones).

Thank you!!

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If that is what the hotel advised you, I would take them for their word and proceed from there. Decide whether you want to risk it if the AC doesn't work the way you'd like. Yes, given it's probably a very old property and the temps should not be bad at that time of year, they can choose not to run the AC. That's not at all unusual since most Europeans are not sticklers about AC in general, and AC is just not as prevalent (or strong) throughout the year as what you may be used to.

Locate both hotels on a map and decide which one is better than the other to what you want to see (just google the name and you'll see a map side-by-side or look them up on They both appear literally steps away from public transit (especially the Opera hotel) and the sites, I don't see how you'll need a cab for anything.

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I have never understood the cult following that the Gerloczy enjoys. So admittedly I am biased.

I wouldnt trust any hotel that guarantees they will run their a/c in late September when the outside temps are in the 40's, 50's and 60's or even low 70's. European air conditioning is miserable to begin with and most places are kept warm by U.S. Standards. At least the K&K was honest. If you want a near guarantee of 68F in your room you might look at renting an apartment.

The K&K is a large company, my experience is that their facilities including a/c and elevators are in good repair and modern. The front desk staff is also very accommodating and helpful, or so has been my experience in the 3 or 4 times we stayed there. My one experience with the
Gerloczy wasn't so good.

For location, the K&K is right at the Opera entrance to the M1 metro. This admittedly is my favorite part of town and after about 6 years of traveling to Budapest we purchased our vacation home in the same general area. From the K&K a short ride on the metro one stop either direction takes you to one of 2 tram lines that reaches 75% of the sight seeing. But you will need to walk up and down the steps to the metro stop. That's about 24 steps down.

The Gerloczy seems closers but will require a little more walking to reach the right transportation lines..

Because of your limitations you might want to check out the Carat Botique Hotel on Kiraly u. Or the Roombach they are both very close to Deak Ferenc ter which is a major metro intersection making reaching the sights convenient.

If you need a taxi my favorite is City Taxi at +36 1 211 1111; but unless your condition is really bad the M1 Metro and the Trams reach most things. The trams are like HOHO Busses but cheaper and no climbing. The M1 metro is history in and of itself. Not like any you will ride elsewhere; its the oldest on the continent of Europe.

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We stayed at the K and K last October. There was no AC, and even though it was cool and rainy outside our room was very hot. We had to sleep with the windows open, and since our room was directly across from a bar we had noise and cigarette smoke from revelers until the "wee hours". We had friends staying in quieter locations, but their rooms were also very hot.

The location is superb. As James noted, public transportation could not be more convenient but there are some stairs involved.

During our stay there were at least three large American tour company groups staying there. Because the hotel seems to focus on tour groups, there are plenty of other "conveniences" available even if AC is not one of them. Elevators are modern and large. The breakfast is lavish. Staff is helpful and efficient, all speaking excellent English.

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That's disappointing to hear about the hot rooms. That was our place of choice for about a half dozen years. My significant other also needs a cool room and to be honest I can't remember many (any?) hotels in Europe that scored well with her in that regard. When we remodeled our place in Budapest the contractor was stunned by the size of the two A/C's we installed, and yet they were pretty marginal by US standards. I understand if this is a big issue for you. You really should check out some higher end apartments with A/C. Since they will be stand alone units you will have full control over them.

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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! We have booked the K and K and we are very excited!!

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I have stayed at the K&K Opera and was not bothered by the room temperature and the hotel,staff and breakfast are first class.The hotel got a cab for us when we needed it and the price was very fair.We have stayed at the K&Ks in Vienna,Paris and they all provide excellent service.As mentioned above they are close to the Tram stop.