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Hotel estimated VAT - can I trust their estimations?

Can I trust the VAT and city tax “estimations” on the hotel websites? When I pretend to book and see the rundown, I see more like a 10% tax rather than the 20-24% I expected.

For instance, The Corinthia (I can dream, can’t I?) does NOT include VAT in their room prices. Other hotels do. They do not. It says in fine print “excluding taxes and fees” and so when I look at the total costs (right before hitting submit) I see a line item for estimated taxes and fees that amounts to only 10% of the total.

I’d rather avoid any astronomically shocking financial surprises.

(Also, Corinthia has a two bedroom “residence” sleeping 3 but I have not received any info on the bed in the second bedroom, no answer to my email, and methinks it is a pullout sofa bed. I’m not young enough to think that sounds like fun. Hmmmmm. Anyone have experience at the Corinthia on a hide-a-bed? I have many unpleasant memories of those things. Two rooms at the Corinthia seems a bit steep especially since I gotta pay for my own room.)

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There is a high (officially: normal) and a low (officially: reduced) VAT. I never look at hotel bills, but apparently they fall in the low category.

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The city tax for my hotel bill in Budapest (fall 2018) represents about 2.8% of the overall room rate.

(I don't have the breakout of the VAT percentage as a component of that room rate.)

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From my experience with them which is from 2017, they estimate the VAT high. In any event, I believe the current rate is 5% for hotels in Hungary.

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I presume you are talking about The Corinthia in London. The one night rate for a Deluxe Room on 01/16/2020 is $648 prepaid or cancellable at $810. I imagine that the taxes and fees are are about $150. Is what it is given it location in London.

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Okay so after some sleuthing, I discovered that the Hungarian parliament voted VAT decrease to 5% beginning 2020. So the 10% (actually 9%) I am seeing is the new 5% plus the 4% tourism tax.

How great is my luck? Maybe my next trip should be to Vegas.