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help me decide where to stay in Budapest!

i'm planning a 1 week visit in July (july 1-8). for my husband and myself. i have been looking at both hotels and apartments. With the recent heatwaves, i do want a/c, and i got it in my mind that it would be nice to have a view and/or balcony. Also like a neighborhood feel, to have a cafe or restaurant within a couple of blocks. I had been looking in the Andrassy area after reading a lot on this forum. A couple of apartments that meet my requirements are closer to the river, so wondering if this is also a good area? If anyone has a favorite place, please do let me know...all feedback welcome.

Hotels in the VI district that had excellent reviews on and were under $200/night and have a/c: Hotel Moments
Barcelo Budapest. -

or Mamaison Residence Isabella --

Thank you!

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I am not at all qualified to answer your question - and hopefully people who are will come along if I bump you up.

But if you want a view of the river, then obviously the first one is the only one that seems to have that. And I think you have a better location with this one, as well.

And if it were me trying to choose a hotel, I would choose either the Maimason or Moments over the Barcelo, because they are both on or almost on Andrassy. But I don’t know anything at all specifically about the hotels.

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The Bohem Art hotel was great in 2019. One block back from the river, superb breakfast and lots of restaurants within an easy walk. Although we didn't have a balcony we did have a nice view out of our window of a traditional Hungarian apartment building courtyard.

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Modern apartment with a breathtaking view of the Danube and the mountains.

This one is on the high end of District V not far from the Parlaiment; but a pretty good trek to anything else. Look at the map and find the “M” symbols, those are the metro stops. The 2 Tram does run along the river out front but its still a haul to most of the sites.

The view across the river at that point isn’t the best, but if you crank your head to the left you can probably see the Castle on the hill.


Okay, sort of just outside of the River Boat Tourist Zone. Not a bad neighborhood, but not overly impressive either. A bit of a walk to transportation but you have the 2 tram in one direction and the 47/49 tram in the opposite and a long walk (10 to 15min maybe) up Vaci utca will take you to Vorsomarty ter and close to the best part of the riverfront

Hotel Moments

Excellent location for tourism and not too terribly far from interesting neighborhoods but not its self in a "local" atmosphere. Ive been in the lobby, nice, but never stayed there.

Barcelo Hotel

Physically a good location. If you are young you will like it because its on one the main party streets. Otherwise ????

Mamison Hotel

On the most beautiful end of Andrassy ut. Cant do wrong with that. The M1 metro runs under Andrassy ut which means its well connected. Only drawback is there isn’t much interesting to do in the immediate neighborhood, but if you take the M1 three stops you will be close to a lot. If you like that hotel, look at the Alice across the street.

Bohem Art hotel.

Close to the 2 tram and the 47/49 tram so more convenient than some. After hours neighborhood hunting … there are better places.

For good neighborhoods to eat, drink, explore and find some great architecture look at the lower end of District VII and District VIII but Dob utca and Kiraly utca might be a bit rowdy after about 9pm

Here is the zone I like and a few of your choices fall in that area:!Ai7Zk-szxfTJi4ATtpvOriwZk0t23Q?e=c5PMms

From your list
First choice Hotel Moments
On your return trip next year (many do) then I would choose Mamaison Residence Isabella

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thank you all and especially Mister E for the detailed feedback. i am now leaning toward Hotel Moments or the Mamaison Isabella unless i find an apartment closer to the Andrassy area...
We definitely like quiet at night, so ruling out the Barcelo!

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We enjoyed the intercontinental on the river at the bridge. It’s right at the Chain bridge and next to the Four Seasons. A great view across the river.

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I will make it harder for you. Here is a list from another post a few weeks ago. They were looking for a boutique hotel. All a bit pricey but nice.

I will give it a shot but do keep in mind that while I may have visited most of these I have never checked in; but they all looked interesting to me.

The Alice Hotel I started with this one because it has intrigued me for years. The renovated mansion sits on upper Andrassy ut halfway between the Bajza utca and the Hősök tere (Hero’s Square) stops of the M1 Metro. Has a garden café facing onto Andrassy ut. Someday I will give it a try.

Callas House on Andrassy ut above the famous Callas Café and next door to the Opera House.

Casati Budapest Hotel just a block of Andrassy ut near the Opera House. Sort of quirky location, but interesting place (I frequent their bar from time to time)

Párisi Udvar Hotel one of the most beautifully restored buildings in Budapest and you pay for it $$$$. Also pushes the concept of “small” quite a bit.

Matlid Palace the second most beautifully restored ….. and also $$$$ Also pushes the concept of “small” quite a bit

Aria Hotel really give this one a hard look. Great location and great achievement of putting something new in the context of an historic building.

Avoid: Gerlóczy Boutique Hotel

And there are a lot of great airbnb's in the right location. It is tedious tracking them down i know, but they can put you in the middle of a nice neighborhood with wine bars, restaurants, local shops and you get a real feel for life in the city.

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wow, the Alice looks amazing! - but it's already showing unavailable for part of my stay. Also Callas House! and here i thought i was planning far enough in advance. he Casati also looks very interesting. The marriott and hyatt are out of my price range. Thanks again! may look for more apartments...

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For the apts stay in the zone in my link. Below Andrassy has a more interesting neighborhood, buy don't face Kirsly utca or Dob utca to avoid the late night noise. Again, send me what you find and I will help.

Tge airbnbs generally don't rent till maybe 45 days out, so you have time for that.