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Has anyone taken a night train between Budapest and Bucharest?

We'd like to do this with a 2 person sleeper between Bucharest and Budapest. Has anyone done this? If so, what is the approx. cost?

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Hi Becky - for what it's worth, although I've not done a Bucharest-Budapest night train, 12 years ago 3 of us shared a couchette compartment on a night train from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bucharest. Maybe times have changed and trains have improved, but there was a lot of stopping, lurching, and clanking of the cars throughout the night. The door to our compartment was knowed on many times, with passport control officers collecting our passports, verifying our identities, coming back, loud voices in the passageway, more knocking. It wasn't a very sound night of sleep for anyone, but we did get to Bucharest bright and early the next morning. Don't recall the exact price, but it was relatively cheap -- but then you also usually get what you pay for ;-)