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Has anyone been to Pecs, Hungary?

Pecs looks like a lovely city, but there is no mention of it in Rick's book. Can anyone recommend it?

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I would suggest that you do a search on here, select forum and 1 year and newer, you will find some helpful responses.

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Pecs is now included in Rick's Budapest book, but not in the general Eastern European guidebook. I went before he had a Budapest book, so I found out about it in Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.

I spent an overnight there, and was very glad I did. It's got several interesting museums, a historically important porcelain factory, a restored synagogue, and a very nice vibe. It's about 3 hours from Budapest, so an overnight is more pleasant than a day trip.

So yes, I certainly can recommend it. I actually liked it better than Eger; some of that was due to better weather, but I just think Pecs is a nicer town.

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Historically, the city was popular with German tourists. It was known as Fünfkirchen.