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Going to Baja from Budapest

Hello, I saw a post on Baja from 2012, but nothing more recent.
My grandparents both came from Hungary after WWI, my grandmother's home town is now is Romania, and my grandfather's home town is Baja, I believe we have the address. I am wondering if anyone has traveled to Baja from Budapest or Pecs -- I am guessing a bus would work best? We will be in Budapest the first 2 weeks in May. (I do not speak Hungarian -- in the time honored tradition of immigrants at the time, my grandparents did not teach my mother, she just heard it when they didn't want her to know what they were talking about)

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It turns out that there is both train and bus service from Budpest to Baja.

You can obtain the train schedule here.

Bus line 1110

Bus line 1113

If you want to check the possibilities from Pecs, you can try Don't trust its travel times or fares. Drill down to find the link to the appropriate bus company's website.