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Giving Back when you Travel

I met the gentlemen in the video. About two years ago we took this sort of offbeat tour of Budapest's District VIII. District VIII is and has been sort of the lower end of the social spectrum ................ and a melting pot of Roma, Jews and Hungarians. A fascinating district. The last stop on the tour was a Shul at Teleki ter. The shul wasn't much more than a modest couple of rooms in the back of an apartment block that had been used as a prayer room for at least 50 years prior to WWII, then entombed until the retreat of the Soviet Occupation Forces. The odd thing was, with all of the Jewish presence in Budapest, we found ourselves drawn back on a few occasions. These are good people doing good things. If you find yourself in Budapest this community and all the Jewish communities could use your help. It's good to give back when you travel.

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What we have done is very little compared to the way these people took us in and treated us like part of their community. What they are up to is fascinating and profound. Among other things they have been tracking down the decedent's of holocaust victims from their prewar community. Some, because they hid with Christian families as children during the holocaust, only recently discovered that they were of Jewish heritage. The activities and stories are endless.