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Gifts for Hungarian relatives

Hi, does anyone have suggestions for small gifts (lightweight, not fragile) that might be more expensive or not very common inHungary?
I’ll be visiting various ancestral villages & meeting a few 2-4 Th cousins & would like to gift them with something they would really enjoy.

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California nuts?
Hawaiian nuts?

Their climate is too cold for growing nuts and most people love them.

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"My Pillow"
California Wine
Armadillo Droppings

Kansas City Barbecue dry rub
Couple of tins of Copenhagen

But better yet, do a nice family photo with your and them, when you get home get it nicely printed, framed and mail it to them.

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Do you have any gourmet pecans, dried peaches or other food products that could be shared at these gatherings? Do you have a little album of pictures of their US ancestors to share while you are there?

I did this kind of thing to take and then made a photo book of our meeting festivities and sent this back to key people once we were home. In the bound photo book I included scanned pictures, genealogical information and documents with captions.

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Thanks everyone. I have already begun to put together an album of their American relatives & will certainly be happy to take some out to dinner. But, there are others whom I will meet for short visits, most likely at their homes. Those are the ones I would especially like to take a gift for.

In the early 70’s, my grandmother would fill an entire large suitcase with toiletries of various kinds & everyone looked forward to having them. But, that was then. Anything that is in short supply, perhaps too expensive in Hungary...that’s what I’m looking for.
Thanks again.