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From Budapest to Texas, USA

Hello, fellow travellers! I'll be traveling one way from Budapest to Texas at the beginning of March 2019 and would like to do so as economically as possible. What are your favorite ways to get from Hungary to the USA? I'm willing to take a train or flight from Budapest to another location in Europe on the way. I've done a little bit of research but I'd love to hear your suggestions for routes you enjoy before I make my final booking. Thanks in advance!

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Texas is a HUGE state, so please share "which airport/city in Texas do you want to fly into?" Alternately, you can Google "Budapest to X (fill in Texas city) flights" and you'll see what your options are. Prices will vary by date, airport, and a host of other variables.

Off the top of my head, I would seriously consider Turkish Air for good fares - I know they fly to/from Houston at least. Hopefully the connecting time in Istanbul won't be onerous.

The trick will be to find an airline that prices one-way flights competitively. Many don't.

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Why a one way ticket? A one way ticket is always massively expensive. Plug your details into to find the cheapest way.

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Thank you for your suggestions! I'd like to arrive in either Houston, Austin or Dallas. I live in Asia and am on my way to the USA to visit family and friends for a few months. Maybe I should consider an "around the world" ticket? Any advice on this?

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From Budapest to the US, I would suggest changing planes in Frankfurt. You could also change in London to continue to Houston.

From San Francisco the easiest is SFO to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Budapest.

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I travel from Houston to Budapest a lot. The cheapest has been Turkish Air through Istanbul. Its only a 2 hour layover so it's a pretty quick trip. I don't live in Houston so I have three options. If I start the Turkish Air in my hometown the code share is United and the price goes up almost $400. If I book a second ticket to Houston I can generally get a round trip for $200 but there is the risk of splitting tickets. Or drive (3.5 hours).

Second choice for where I am is Delta through Amsterdam. That usually involves one stop in the US, that can be Atlanta or Chicago. Generally about $350 more than Turkish Air.

One way tickets are pretty much the same cost as Round Trip.