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Free SMS Texting App for American to Hungarian

Does anybody know of a free app that will allow me, with a United States number, to send a SMS text to someone who has a Hungarian number?

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There are apps such as WhatsApp and Viber that can be used as free texting apps when people are traveling. I am wondering if anyone has any experience traveling to Europe and using an app (to avoid data charges) for SMS text messages? Does that make sense?

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We have used WhatsApp to chat between Europe and the U.S. using hotel Wi-Fi. Works fine, no cost.

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I'm with James E. Why do you need an App? Why can't you just SMS text the person normally? SMS is the same the world over.
Texting is not data and does not incur data charges. Texting works though the normal phone system (GSM).
WhatsApp is not texting and requires both parties to have WhatsApp installed. AFAIK WhatsApp cannot send or receive SMS text messages.
The country code for Hungary is +36

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whatsapp works well worldwide (I think a couple of countries like China have restrictions) and can send voice messages. video messages, text messages or live calls, all for free if both parties use the app and wifi is reasonable at both ends.

I believe that sms (texting) messages go against an allowance and may not be free or not free to an international number on many plans or or between many countries outside the EU/EEA.

If both parties have an apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad) Facetime works well too, wifi at both ends or good data package at both ends....

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My international TMobile plan includes free texting and I don't need Wi-Fi, but if I do have Wi-Fi I use the Wi-Fi calling function built into the phone and calls are free.