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Forint, HUF, Ft ??? Hungarian currency

Confused about the different designations for Hungarian currency.

I do know 352.99 HUF = $1. (as of today)

Looking over information about the opera I see "FT" and "pcs". Can someone explain?

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Think of it as follows: forint is the name of the currency (like dollars, pounds or euro), HUF is the ISO code (like USD, GBP or EUR) and Ft is the symbol (like $, £ or €). "Pcs" I have not found anywhere. Maybe Mister E can explain?

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There was a post here from Tom that seems to have gone away where he presumend pcs meant pieces like in number of seats or tickets. I think that might be correct.

HUF and Ft and ft and Forint are sort of used interchangably. All the same thing. Like sometimes the Euro symbol or EUR or Euro and used.

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Thanks to that responded - as usual, the RS tool for exchanging travel info provided excellent help to me in record time.

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Hi from Wisconsin,

For those not familiar with foreign currencies...remember that what would cost $1 (USD) in the US is likely to cost 350 HUF in Budapest. It has been a few years since I have been in Budapest but opera tickets were under $20/pcs.

One of the attractions of some countries is the price level of local products. I remember buying two duck dinners dinners and a local mug of beer for what I paid for a glass of wine for my wife. About $8.00 total for the ducks and the beer, and $8 for the glass of wine. Why? The ducks and beer weren't produced in a manner that allowed international trade to bring prices into alinement with world prices, but the wine could and was.

That was a long time ago. But in 2019 I rented a suite in a rural city in the CZ Republic for the equivalent of $51. A great bedroom, sitting room with table, kitchen, and bath/shower in a 400 year old hotel. To rent a room in a crappy Motel # in my small, rural home town is $175.00. So the price difference outside of large touristed cities still exists. The managers told me to book direct next time and I would get a better price.

wayne iNWI