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Food costs in Budapest

I have a 2 day extension in Budapest following a river cruise later this month.
Breakfast will be included at the hotel, but I don't know how much to budget for lunch and dinner. We won't be looking for Michelin star restaurants. Any comments?

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Here's the menu of Belvárosi Lugas, a restaurant I ate in a few times and which was highly recommended here. I ate for $15 - $22, with the higher end including a glass of wine.

At the Great Market Hall I had a Coke and a Lángos for 1240 Ft, then about $4.75.

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Wow. That's definitely less expensive than the RS Amsterdam pricing I was going to use as a reference($20 lunch/$40 dinner). Thanks

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But you will be staying in District V is my guess. So, as its the heart of the tourist trade prices will be higher. In district V, the $20 and $40 may not be far off ....

Take a 10 minute trip to get out of that area, see a bit of "real" Budapest and the prices will be half (if you are staying in the Buda Castle District, same thing ... more expensive).

Belvárosi Lugas (ate there a few days ago ... nope, just had a beer) is about mid point on that range.

Interesting Georgian place a few meters down the street from it too.

There's a bunch of restaurants on Ráday utca that have reasonable prices for lunch and dinner. It's really cool to see during the summer/late spring since there's outdoor seating and it's very lively. A meal can range from $5-20. I often managed to get wine and a pasta dish for $7 total. Some places are gonna be more expensive than others of course, but it's definitely reasonable. For breakfast just grab a pastry at SPAR or any other pastry place. They have little "Pékségek" everywhere. You can get a pastry for under a dollar. There's a place on Kálvin Tér called PASTA which has three daily choices of pasta. I wanna say it costs 1500 HUF, but I could be wrong. There's cheap restaurants next to very expensive places, so don't be afraid to look at the menu before.

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The last time I was there - I loved Budapest - the same food as Vienna at a fraction of the cost. I was so excited to have a meal for 2 for the equivalent of about US$10 ! It was 1989 though - just before the walll came down. It was a tad cheaper those days.

I've been doing some research - this place is apparently famous and expensive

This place is new but apparently good

Just to give you some ideas. I will defo be looking at eating in the big indoor market too.

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The NY Cafe, you read the history of the place and the history of the people that frequented the place, then you are blown away by that and the sheer beauty of the place.

The second one is near where I stay and yet I never noticed it. Looks good Thanks for the heads up.