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Electrical plug for Budapest

The plug for Budapest is the "normal' two round plug sold by Rick Steves for $1.00 Correct? The one I used in France, Germany, and even Denmark?
Same plug for Netherlands?

I have a book on order but thought I'd start off with the forum...

We are going to Budapest May 26-May 30 before our UniWorld tour. Sailing from Budapest to Amsterdam...

Looking forward to using this forum in the future to ask James and others lots of questions.

thanks to all that take the time to post answers!

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I'm sorry RS, but your adapter isn't the right way to go.

The outlets in Hungary receive a CEE 7/4 (Schuko) or a CEE 7/6 plug. The sockets are large round recessed affairs and almost identical except for the grounding method. An adapter patterned after the CEE 7/7 plug will properly fit both and will provide a ground when you need it. Here is an example:

If you use one of RS's adapters and you hang anything heavy on it (like any chargers that have the transformer right at the plug) half the time the weight causes it to just fall out; sometimes the weight of the cord will do it. You might have something that requires a ground plug too. The RS device is narrow enough that it wont interfere with a ground plug; meaning the ground plug isn't doing its job.