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We're traveling to Budapest for 4 days over christmas. We've been there a few times and are considering a trip to Eger, any suggestions? My wife loves wine and i think she would enjoy it.

Would you recommend the Danube Bend instead?

Also, any recommendations for backdoor Budapest (less touristy) or a small town nearby?

Any christmas market recommendations?

Thank you

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We did a trip to Eger. We had a car, so getting there was no problem. If you don't have a car, check into that. It was somewhat touristy, not excessively - in 2011. Not sure about recently.

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We traveled to Eger by train this past August and spent three nights. Enjoyed it. Stayed at the Senator Haz Hotel. Plenty of nice restaurants and less expensive than Budapest. Easy walkable town in summer with lots of flowers. Not sure about December. The thermal pool complex is nice and probably open in winter. There’s a castle. My surprise find was how impressive the Kopscik Marzipan Museum was.
My recommendation for backdoor Hungary is Tihanny on Lake Balaton, but only in the summer. Touristy although the tourists are mostly Hungarian and Austrian. Beautiful and fun.

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The main Christmas Market at Vorismarty ter is always excellent, and in front of the Basilica as well.. Also check out the main square in Obuda.

You might check the Archabbey at Pannonhalma to see if there is a concert while you are there. nice day or overnight trip.

Eger makes for a good two night trip as does Pecs.

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"Eger makes for a good two night trip as does Pecs. "

I'd say they make for good overnights, rather than two nights.

I really liked my day trip to Vac. The crypt with the mummies was fascinating (they were discovered when they renovated the main square), the synagogue was interesting, it was a lovely town to walk around, and I had a delicious lunch of cream of garlic soup and ham and smoked cheese pizza.