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Driving in Hungary

I am traveling to Hungary later this fall (flying into Vienna) and touring the western part of the country. I've heard a little on the need to purchase a Vignette (toll pass?) once I cross the Hungarian border. Can anyone tell me more information on what exactly this is and where is best place to purchase? Can this be purchased at airport in Vienna? I assume I would need to have the pass as soon as I cross the border. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You will need a vignette for Austria too. If you are renting a car, the rental agency should be able to help you with the vignette from your pick-up origin. If you aren't driving much in Austria, you should consider to train to Hungary, and pick-up the car there.

Otherwise, you can purchase the vignette online and at gas stations.

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When i discovered that there were 6 intersections in Budapest (okay an exaggeration) where a left hand turn was legal so you had to make 12 right hand turns to reach the left, and that cars on minor streets entering major streets, while turning right had the right-of-way; i got rid of any desire to drive in Hungary.

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I will be sure to ask rental car agency in Vienna. Hopefully I can take care of it before I hit the road. Wish I could bypass getting a car all together, but I will be spending time in Hungary for business and car is only way location is accessible.

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If you are renting car in Austria it almost certainly have the vignette for Austria. For Hungary you will buy it at the border. If you won't use freeways in Hungary you won't need vignette.