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Driver/Guide for day trip from Budapest to Botany, Slovakia

First, many thanks to all who contribute such valuable information and suggestions on this forum. I have learned so much from all of you experienced and knowledgable travelers and pass it along to others.

My family (all adults-mix of siblings and cousins) will be in Budapest early July 2024 and would like to take a one day excursion to our Grandmother's village in Slovakia. She immigrated to the USA from Botany (then part of Hungary) in 1926. We no longer have relatives living in the village, but none the less we would like to see the very small village and visit the cemetery. We need a local to drive us round trip in one day. Preferably a Driver/Guide but we are a group of 8 - 11 adults making the day trip so if we can only secure a driver, then so be it.

Thank you Mister É for all your insight and suggestions. I see you recommend Andrew (Budapest Tours).

Any other Driver/Guide recommendations?

(Anna Juhasz (Anna's Sights) is unavailable for our 2024 date)

Thank you all! Carol

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Andrew is a good guide, but I am not too sure about his knowledge of Slovakian tourism, but he might have a deal with local guides. Dont know. If you just want a driver, try Laszlo Marcus excellent gentleman.

Slovakia is worth the effort. I think it's one of the last hidden gems in Europe. Google Images for Slovakia Castles, and you will understand.

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I just looked to see exactly where Botany is. Heck, you could throw a stone and hit either the Hungarian or the ukrainian border. I suspect a fascinating corner.

Here is what I would do. I would take the train to Kosice. Kosice is a beautiful city. I would Google till i found transportation out of Kosice to Botany. It's 90 minutes and I suspect a pretty drive. Or you can rent a car from Kosice. (I don't drive on holidays). Don't be afraid to contact a taxi service in Kosice. often the do long hauls. Would cost more, but less than the $1000 you will spend with a guide or driver from Budapest. Then spend the night in Kosice and take a late train back the next day.

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Yes! Botany is VERY close to Ukraine border. We had thought about doing what you suggested, train to Kosice and then rent & drive to village and then back to Kosice for an overnight but some in our party are leaving sooner than others and logistically it works better to do a round trip in a single day, albeit a long day. Your suggestion though is very much appreciated!! BTW, I looked up Slovakia Castles….stunning!