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Dependable early AM transportation to Budapest airport

Our flight from Budapest to Dubrovnik (via Berlin) leaves at 6:15 am requiring that we leave our lodging in Pest at 4:15 am or so.

This is a flight that cannot be missed. Any suggestions on the most reliable way to get there on time? Public transportation seems to be out of the question at that time of day. Shuttle services have responded to my inquiries but failed to respond back after I tried to make a reservation.

Thank you for any insight.

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I had a similar question prior to my first trip to Budapest and James put me on the right path--call City Taxi and by the time you get your luggage down to the lobby they will be waiting for you. +36 1 211 1111. Always pleasant & helpful, should be maybe 25 minutes to the airport at that hour. I have made 5 trips to Budapest, most recently 2019, always on the 6 am flight home, always excellent service by City. I have them pick me up at 4, the airport check in doesn't seem to start until 5 but you'll be in line and will have plenty of time for a bite to eat. Exchange rates notwithstanding, I recall the cost to be around 8,000 HUF.

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Thank you Christa. That's reassuring.

In the past have you made arrangements in the days prior to your flight or did you simply call them the morning of? This trip is a long one with many stops along the way but getting to the airport on time in Budapest is turning out to be my biggest unknown and concern.

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I just called that morning, I think the first time I called a bit earlier and said to pick me up at whatever time, then I realized I could just call and they'd be along within a few minutes. My name and number must be in their system because on subsequent trips they'd answer my call with a cheery "Jo reggelt, Christa!" but then switch to English. If you are anxious--understandably, really early flights always ramp that up for me--you can probably line it up before going to bed.

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I've used City Taxi as Christa does, and I've used a private car service when I've had a larger group.
Try SilverWings:
(Credit goes to James for the suggestion.) Silver Wings is slightly more expensive than CityTaxi.

Both are excellent.

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I love Laszlo the owner of Silver Wings and I still use him a lot for trips around the country. But for a trip to the airport the taxi is just so easy. Now City Taxi has an App that knows your location and with a few clicks you have a taxi on the way. Do be aware that that there have been a few occasions that they were sort of busy at that hour. So you might want to book the night before.

I have a number of great stories about these guys but the one that deals with getting to the airport: I called about 4 am for the taxi and they said all their cars were on calls and it might take 30 minutes. I must of sounded distressed so the dispatcher said for me to wait and he would call me right back. About 3 minutes later he called and said look in the street in front of my flat. I looked and saw a competitors taxi pulling up. He had actually called the competition for me.