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Dentist / Periodonitst for gum graft


I heard that many Brits and Germans travel to Hungary (or Poland/Slovakia) for dental work, for their high quality service and affordable price. I do have dental insurance from work, but still, my payments are through the roof for anything outside routine check-ups. Two years ago, I had a gum graft surgery (outpatient), and my portion was almost $1,000. These guys are thieves!

I see that there are British agents who refer patients to dentists, but I'd rather not just pick a physician based on internet searches. Does anybody have prior experience with Central European dental work? Any rec's? Thanks a lot.

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The tourist dentists are not as cheap as you would hope. I get all my dental work done in Budapest with a dentist that works in Tourist Clinics and Local Clinics. It is a fraction of the cost compared to the US. The service is excellent and the clinics are state of the art. Remember you have to get it all done while you are there. No follow ups unless you return. Right now i am walking around with a temp crown. I had an old root canal-ed tooth break. I lived with it for 3 months till i could get to Budapest. My dentist did a bunch of work, put in some pins and the temp; but its pretty marginal if this will be successful as not much of the old tooth was left. The dentist said if it holds then come back for the perm crown. I'll be back in October for either the perm crown or to get it pulled. The same clinic does implants if the tooth is pulled, but that's two more trips. Either way the savings will pay for both plane tickets. (sorry, way too much information)

Send me a PM if you are interested and i can give you a name.