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Dental Work in Budapest

Looking for best resources to find dentist in Budapest for implants. I have done some google searches, but hard to tell which ones are good. Planning on going to Budapest in September and again in December. Will have teeth pulled and bone grafting done about 5 months before our trip.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hi James
Will you please send me details of the dentist you use? So looking forward to visiting beautiful Budapest again

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Oh James, I think dental work is a lovely excuse for a trip to Budapest! Would you mind including me in the dental circle of oral knowledge? I have a tooth acting up on me. I don’t know if I should say ouch or squeal in delight.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
At a B&B we were staying at we met a German having his dental work done in Budapest. But Sopron is THE place to go in Hungary. I am not bashing Budapest, but Sopron has specialized in foreign dental work. Just saying.

wayne iNWI

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Sopron became well known because for some reasons Austrians either save money or get better dental care outside of Austria.

I am sure there are great tourist dentists there. But you will pay tourist prices. On the other hand you can get first class service in Budapest for prices inline with the Hungarian economy. But there are tourist dentists in Budapest too, mostly serving Germsns and Swiss is my impression.

My dentist for the last 15 years is here in Budapest. Better service then I ever got in the US at about half the cost; in first class modern offices. I get a lot of routine medical work done here as well.

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There are several resources you can use to find a reputable dentist in Budapest for implants. Here are a few suggestions:

RDM Dental: The Hungarian Dental Association is a professional organization that represents dentists in Hungary. Their website has a directory of dentists that you can search by location and specialty. You can find their website at

Dental Departures: Dental Departures is a website that helps patients find dentists in different countries, including Hungary. You can search their website for dentists by location, specialty, and rating. They also provide reviews from previous patients. You can find their website at

WhatClinic: WhatClinic is a website that helps patients find healthcare providers in different countries. You can search their website for dentists in Budapest and read reviews from previous patients. They also provide information on prices and services offered. You can find their website at

TripAdvisor: While TripAdvisor is primarily known for travel reviews, they also have a section for dental clinics in Budapest. You can search for clinics by location and read reviews from previous patients. You can find their website at

It's important to do your research and choose a reputable dentist with experience in implants. Don't hesitate to ask for credentials, certifications, and references. Good luck with your search, and I hope you have a successful trip to Budapest!