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Danube water level at Budapest

We're taking a Viking river cruise starting in Budapest on October 13th and were just informed the ship can't get to the embarkation spot in Budapest because of low water levels. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this in the past and if it's possible the Danube could rise enough in time for our trip? As of now we're being told we'll be bussed to the ship which will be located in Komarom. Not much we can do I guess...


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If it rains up river, a lot, the level will go up. If it doesn't, it won't. Great old fortification in Komarom if you get the time.

And it's my perception that this happens this time of year, almost every year.

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Just wondering if anyone has experienced this in the past

It really is a Yearly occurrence. The Rhine has problems as well. Cruises having to do part, or most of the "cruise" by bus is not unheard of, especially those cruises in late Summer.

If levels are too low now, things will not be better in a week.

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Thanks for the responses and appreciate the tip on the fort in Komarom. Will have to check that out.

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I asked before we got on the boat in Passau in Oct.....will be sail by Parliament....YES.....of course, we didn't. I even heard from members on deck while smoking about the problems in Budapest. I still did not say anything to any of my friends who were on the cruise......I thought ,,,,of well they can still see Parliament but more importantly the famous shoes in front....Well, we were bussed in....BUT SADLY OUR GUIDE BECAUSE OF TIME DID NOT WALK US IN FRONT OF PARLIAMENT.


I ALWAYS wonder....if a company hides one thing, what else are they hiding.

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Doesn't solve your problem, but for others, rounding Margrit Island and seeing the Parliamet rise before you is one of the world's greatest experiences.

So, two options. Take the train to szentendre for the day. Great town, and then the boat back to Budapest.

Or, if you are arriving at the Budapest airport before noon and you feel up to it, transfer from the airport to Szentendre and take the 45 minute boat ride to Budapest. Seeing Budapest for the first time from the water is one of the more impactful experiences in Europe. Works well if you were visiting someplace else with a short flight to Budapest. Luggage and transportation? I have that solved. PM for the details.