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Danube Carnival - Hotels? Transportation?

I'm a huge fan of folk music and folk dance. I'm thinking of spending the last 3 or 4 days of the Danube Carnival in Budapest, before taking the train to Prague on Sunday to join my Rick Steves tour.

Has anyone done the Danube Carnival (Duna Karneval)? Recommendations for hotels close to the events? Looks like many of the events will be at Vorosmarty Ter (judging by info for past years). In past years there were also events at Kobuci Kert (Obuda) and on Margaret Island. What's the best way to get from central Budapest to Kobuci Kert and Margaret Island for evening events?

Thanks in advance!

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About 4 years ago. Worth the time. Of course any time in Budapest is worth the time. To answer your question with any detail it would help to know where you are staying. A bit like how to get to the Empire State Building from NYC?

But, in general Margaret Island is served by the 4/6 Tram. Not a long trip at all from central Pest.

Kobuci Kert is served by the H5 Commuter Train, again not a long trip from Buda or Central Pest. or from the No.1 Tram which you can pick up at the Arpad hid station on the M3 metro line. Vorsomarty ter is served by the M1 metro line and the No. 2 tram runs near. Sounds complicated, but it isnt. Your metro TravelCard will cover all the trips to and from (hint).

Oh, and you can take the 34 Bus from the north end of the island to Obuda too.

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There is also the 26 bus that runs from Nyugati station to the south tip of St Margaret Island, then the length of the island to the north tip, then back to the Pest side.

Info (prices, maps, schedules) at

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Thanks to you both! James, I'm not sure where I'm staying yet - still in the beginning stages of planning - but was thinking somewhere within walking distance of Vorosmarty Ter. Don't mind trams, trains and buses, but I like being able to walk to where I'm going. For the evening events at Kobuci Club and Margaret Island, how is the public transportation at night? Wondering because here in the USA, I'd be reluctant to take the NYC metro late at night on my own. (I am a smallish middle-aged female.) Expect it will be safer in Europe, but checking in case.

In one of the promo video clips for Duna Karneval, I noticed spectators (not performers) doing simple village dances to live music at Kobuci Club. That's one reason I want to go there. Does anything like that happen around Vorosmarty Ter, or is "audience participation" only at Kobuci Club?

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Vorosmarty ter is great, but think a bit outside of District V. District V is the river boat tourist district and its crowded and not very interesting and expensive ......... EXCEPT for the Danube Corso; especially in the evening. If you were to pick one point that was equal distant to almost everything a first time tourist would want to see in Budapest, that point would be Deak Ferenc ter. Deak Ferenc ter is in District V, right on the edge of it. So go across the street to Districts VI and VII and look there. But stay as close to Deak Ferenc ter as you can if you want to avoid metros and trams.

Personally, I think a short trip on the M1 tram is worth the effort to get a little more distance from the tourists and to get just a tad more into more traditional Budapest. The M1 is the oldest metro on the continent and not like any you have been on. Its just barely below the surface of Andrassy ut, the cars are small and the stations clean with antique charm (as charming as a metro can be i guess). Simple and not intimidating at all; and from the Opera for instance, the trip to Vorosmarty ter is only 5 minutes on the M1 or a 15 minute walk through some pretty nice architecture. Remember, what makes the city interesting is that it is a pretty well totally intact 1890's cityscape.

Oh, and there will be things going on all along the Danube Corso if it is like past years.