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Cycling in and outside of Budapest

My husband and I will be visiting Budapest in late May, after a Danube cruise from Passau. Does anyone know where the Viking River Boat docks in Budapest?

We like music, museums, nature and cycling (not interested in shopping). Looking for a bike shop to rent from or bike tour company that would do a one day trip, heading west of the city? Is cycling possible/safe in the city?
Thank you so much,
Lee Ann


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James E. (the Master of Budapest.....that will be $5 James) will (no doubt) reply with his ever present wisdom on all things Budapest. Do exactly what he recommends.
Until's my little "take-it-or-leave-it" suggestions.....Viking docks either immediately north or south of the Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the river. I have not ridden a bike in Budapest - and I'm not certain I would want to as, from my experience, Hungarian drivers are pretty undisciplined when it comes to road courtesy. The Buda side of the river is hilly
and potentially more cardio-centric (I'm misusing that term but I like the sound of it). Budapest is not a major museum city (in my opinion) but it is a genuine delight. I could stay there for a very long time.

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Actually, Budapest has a lot of museums (albeit no Louvre), but as of last May when I was there, quite a few of them were closed either for building works or for relocation. I don't know whether any of those places have reopened, so my suggestion is to check the website of any museum you think you'd like to visit to be sure it's currently open.

The House of Terror was open, and I thought it was worthwhile for those interested in some of the darker moments of 20th century history. Expect it to be crowded. Going early may get you in before the school groups arrive, though they will inevitably catch up with you at some point.

Can't help with the biking questions.

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You could always rent bikes (kiosks at the entrance off Margit bridge) and explore my favorite place in Budapest, Margit sziget, the lovely little island in the middle of the Danube. Buses go through it but cars are not allowed, plenty to see from the baths, Japanese garden, monastery ruins and my happy place is the little zoo where there are nesting storks...45 days til I’m there again ☺️

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Thank you, Blue439. Appreciate your advice and hope to here from the Master of Budapest!

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Lee Ann, I am a little late on this thread but I got a recommendation from my cousins who rented Ebikes in Budapest last Summer. They did a 3 hr. bike tour in the city and loved it. The company delivered the bikes to their hotel. They thought it was a great way to see the sites.