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Credit cards only and other questions when traveling in Budapest

Hello fellow travelers,

I wonder if I can make all, or most, purchases in Budapest by using credit card (chip-n-signature) only.

My expenses are:
1 tickets for sight-seeing
-my understanding is that all museums/palaces accept credit cards.
-do churches accept credit cards too?
2 public transportation (pass or special tickets)
-I think I can purchase the transportation pass at a metro station with a credit card.
3 bakery, supermarkets and/or fast food
-I think supermarkets and fast food restaurants usually accept credit cards.
-But I am not certain whether bakeries accept credit cards.

The hotel has been pre-paid, except tax.

Do taxi drivers accept credit cards too?

It is not likely I will take a taxi, but I like to know, just in case I need it.

Another question is whether the public toilet has a fee.
If there is a fee, then I would guess it is cash only.
And how much is it typically?

Thank you


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Yes, I used my chip and signature credit card in the Metro ticket machines without issue.
Many public toilets have a fee, but they do accept Euros as well, as do many places. Still, I would get at least $100 US worth of Forints (~25,000) from an ATM for incidentals.

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I used my cc most of the time without any issues. It's good to keep some cash in hand just in case small shops or eateries cannot afford to eat the fees charged by Visa and Mastercard.

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Hello Sam, James E and Barkinpark,

Thank you very much for your time, information, and suggestions!

Much appreciated!

Best regards!


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Hello James E.

Wow! You bought a house there!

Thanks for your information.